The Tradeflex Story

The Mission

“Delivering industry leading production support to wealth managers, asset managers and hedge funds. Optimizing trading environments for stability, compliance and effective problem solving.”

At Tradeflex, we believe there is an easier way to build and scale effective production support teams. A less time-consuming way where experienced specialists are sourced, up skilled and deployed to work with clients. We are laser focused on technology, automation, customer service and good knowledge sharing practices. Our experienced consultants make the perfect new addition to your team.

How it all began...

Rik Taylor launched Tradeflex in 2020 after a career supporting wealth managers, dark pools, banks and hedge funds. His professional experience ranged from operational support to client focused roles in New York, Switzerland and London. Regardless of whether firms where buy side or sell side, he noticed support teams all faced similar pain points when it came to resourcing, training and scaling. The process was time consuming, high calibre talent was rare and impactful training programmes were scarce. It was also challenging to create a knowledge sharing culture without making employees feel less valuable. Tradeflex was created to power application support teams and address these problems in a practical way.