Jira service desk is a powerful customer relationship tool from Atlassian. The tool doesn’t just improve your customer support; It brings order to the chaos involved in collecting and handling customer enquiry’s and issues. Allowing support staff to resolve tickets in an efficient and transparent way.

While a fantastic tool for Application Support, businesses rarely unlock Jira Service Desk to its full potential. We discuss a few tips and tricks below on how you can optimize your Jira Service desk environment.

Link Related Tickets

When you encounter similar inquiries from various customers, instead of responding individually, you can link them together and respond all at once. This comes very handy if you have a system outage, and customers begin raising multiple tickets.

Save Your Searches

Most users perform routine searches on Jira all the time. To save time and save you clicks, you can save those searches as favorites. You can further subscribe to saved searches so that Jira can send you search results by mail. Very handy when keeping track of high priority issues and reviewing your team’s workload balance.

Assign and reassign tickets

You can automate the ticket assigning process so that tickets are assigned based on expertise and availability. This will shorten the response time as tickets are funneled effectively to the correct team for investigation and resolution.

SLA Goals and Metrics

Jira allows you to create a service-level agreement for specific types of issues like blockers, outages, or project teams/users. This allows your support teams to stay on track with their assigned duties and meet predefined goals. You can also tweak the default SLA clock according to your support teams coverage hours.

Track Old Support Tickets

Leaving tickets open can create confusion about whether outstanding issues have been resolved and make it difficult to measure how much time staff are spending specific issues. You can automate the process to prompt support staff  when a ticket has not been updated for a set number of days or hours. A notification is triggered requesting an update or for the ticket to be closed.

Integrate Knowledge Base 

By integrating Jira with Confluence, and sharing knowledge base articles with your users, you can resolve issues quicker and deflect common questions to the Knowledge Centre. This greatly frees up your support teams time, allowing them to focus their attention on more difficult tasks.

While we have only scratched the surface on many different ways to optimise Jira Service Desk, please continue the discussion below and share some of your favourite tips in our comments section!